Other Courses

These are some of the other courses we offer here at VCare Training Solutions. These courses can give you a great insight and understanding on the subject. For more details on dates and prices please get in touch.

Equality & Diversity

By the end of this session you will understand your legal obligations as an employee and our obligations as an employer under the Equality Act (EqA) 2010, Know the 9 protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 and how these are defined​, Know the different types of discrimination defined under the EqA 2010 and what this may look like in practice​, Understand how discrimination may arise in the workplace​, how discrimination is reported and managed within our workplace​ and how we promote equality and diversity at work.

Role of the Support Worker

During this course you will be provided with an awareness of team development, team development theory; stages of team development; a framework for good practice; communication skills; how to deal with escalating situations; and person-centred care approaches.

Conflict Resolution Training

Enrol in our Conflict Resolution Training course to equip yourself and your team with effective strategies for managing and resolving conflicts in the workplace. Learn essential communication techniques, negotiation skills, and mediation tactics to promote a harmonious and productive work environment.

Attachment & Trauma

During this session it will give you an understanding of how to recognise what attachment and trauma are and how this impacts on the young people/patients and professionals working with them; understand the different aspects on each area; be aware of how this can impact within residential childcare; understand how this can impact on choices young people make within behaviour and implement risk strategies to address these issues as they arise on an individual basis for young people.

CSE/CCE & County Lines

By the end of this session you will be able to recognise what CSE and CCE are and the impact that they can have on families/carers and young people; explain what County Lines means and how this impacts on young people; be aware of how this can impact within residential childcare, and implement risk management strategies to address these issues as they arise on an individual basis for young people.

Short Courses

Discover our short courses on Men’s Mental Health and Menopause Awareness, tailored to provide concise yet comprehensive insights into these important topics. Our Men’s Mental Health course offers essential information and resources to promote mental well-being and support among men. Meanwhile, our Menopause Awareness course educates individuals and organisations on understanding and managing menopause symptoms, fostering empathy and creating supportive environments for those experiencing this natural life transition.

2-week induction course

Our two-week induction package is designed to and to provide you with all the tools required to deliver the highest possible standards for children/young people/vulnerable adults in your care, whilst adhering to the mandatory legislations/requirements. At Vcare Training Solutions we focus on providing only the best to ensure we meet the needs of the client and for those who you care for, making it our mission to support those in care to meet their own desires, dreams and to achieve ‘their personal best’. With our diverse and skilled staff team we can create a bespoke training package tailored to your companies needs allowing you to reap the benefits we have to offer.

Workplace Bereavement Advocate training

Explore our Workplace Bereavement Advocate training, meticulously designed to equip organisations and their staff with the necessary tools and support to navigate the complexities of grief and loss in the workplace. Our comprehensive training covers essential topics such as compassionate communication, grief awareness, and creating a supportive environment for colleagues during challenging times. Empower your team to effectively manage bereavement situations with empathy, resilience, and professionalism.

For more information view our dedicated website Home – Workplace Bereavement Advocacy